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    Most students apply during their sophomore year and begin attending Buckeye Hills Career Center at the beginning of their junior year. In order for a student to qualify to attend the Career Center, they must have earned six (6) high school credits with four being in the core curriculum (English, Math, Science or Social Studies), be at least 16 years of age during the first full week of October and be in at least their third year of high school.

    Students that meet the requirements may print an application to be completed and submitted to the guidance counselor at their home school.

    Attending Buckeye Hills Career Center allows students to work toward earning a Career Passport and Business and Industry Credentials. Students will also complete the Ohio Department of Education requirements for a high school diploma. Any student that is deficient in courses will meet with a counselor to develop a plan to correct the deficiencies.

    Credential Potential:

    Upon the successful completion of the high school credit requirements, students will receive a high school diploma from their home high school. Students that also successfully complete the Career Technical requirements for their program will receive a Career Technical Certificate from Buckeye Hills Career Center. Students also have the opportunity to earn additional program specific credentials recognized by business and industry and colleges and universities. Students that earn a Career Technical Certificate will receive a Career Passport. A Career Passport is a portfolio that documents the student’s achievements while attending the Buckeye Hills Career Center.

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    Parents and students are invited to visit and talk to instructors. Our staff is willing to help in any way to answer questions and address concerns. If you have questions concerning the application process or need more information about program offerings, please contact us at (740) 245-5334.

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    Student Services Phone:
    (740) 245-5334

    Student Services Fax:
    (740) 245-9422

    Participating Schools

    The Gallia-Jackson-Vinton Joint Vocational School District, Buckeye Hills Career Center, serves six participating school districts. The districts are:

    Students who wish to attend the Career Center must be enrolled in one of the seven participating high schools.

    Discrimination Policy

    It is the policy of the Gallia-Jackson-Vinton Joint Vocational School District that educational programs and other activities be conducted in adherence to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, and the Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Click here for more info.

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