Career Counselor - Skills & Interests Assessment

Let us help you.

We will look at your skills and interests, along with the occupational outlooks.

First, let’s look at your skills.

Think about skills you have learned from school, past jobs and life experience and make a list.

Use the Job Skills Checklist to help you form a list

Match a career to your skills

After looking over your list, does it give you any ideas on a career that might work with these skills?

Go to and select “Skills” under Advanced Search to find careers based on skill.

As you complete this activity, you will find information on specific careers. This resource will provide you with tasks, tools, skills, education needed, and employment trends.

Consider your interests

Studies show that our interests can help us find a career that we might enjoy. offers a survey that looks at your interests and will suggest careers that you can explore based on your results. It will give a brief description, education needed, Ohio salaries and Ohio employment trends in that field.

Complete the Interest Survey

Know what you want to do?

After looking at these resources, have any ideas on a career you would like to pursue?

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