High School Staff Contact List

If you are unsure who to contact regarding your question, please contact Karlita Stump, Student Services Secretary. She will direct your inquiry to the appropriate person.


Last Name First Name Title Email
Armstrong Donald Director armstrongd@buckeyehills.net
Collins James Maintenance Supervisor collinsj@buckeyehills.net
Duncan Roberta Career-Technical/Student Services Supervisor duncanr@buckeyehills.net
Lewis D. Kent Superintendent lewisk@buckeyehills.net
Lewis Leesa Curriculum/Special Needs Supervisor lewisl@buckeyehills.net
Snyder Gregory Career-Technical/Discipline Supervisor snyderg@buckeyehills.net
Updike Timothy Career-Technical Supervisor updiket@buckeyehills.net


Last Name First Name Title Email
Barcus John MI Instructor barcusj@buckeyehills.net
Barr Amy C-T Intervention Specialist Instructor abarr@buckeyehills.net
Bartee Jamie C-T Intervention Specialist Instructor barteej@buckeyehills.net
Bartee Timothy Culinary Arts Instructor barteet@buckeyehills.net
Bethel Brent Science Instructor BethelB@buckeyehills.net
Bing Duane Building Trades Instructor BingD@buckeyehills.net
Bonzo Jennifer MI Instructor bonzoj@buckeyehills.net
Burleson Sue Cosmetology Instructor burlesonse@buckeyehills.net
Chaney Mark HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical Instructor chaneym@buckeyehills.net
Crabtree Matthew Science Instructor crabtreem@buckeyehills.net
Daniels Morgan Mathematics Instructor danielsm@buckeyehills.net
Deel Kyle MI Instructor deelk@buckeyehills.net
Dimel Katie Mathematics Instructor dimelk@buckeyehills.net
Duncan Tyler Social Studies Instructor duncant@buckeyehills.net
French Tracy Mathematics/English Instructor frencht@buckeyehills.net
Hager Pamela Mathematics Instructor hagerp@buckeyehills.net
Hamilton Lewis Agricultural Diesel Mechanics Instructor hamiltonr@buckeyehills.net
Harvey Nathan Public Safety Instructor HarveyN@buckeyehills.net
Hawks Lori MI Instructor hawksl@buckeyehills.net
Henderson Timothy Electronics Instructor hendersont@buckeyehills.net
Hughes Amanda English Instructor hughesa@buckeyehills.net
Hughes John Auto Collision Instructor hughesj@buckeyehills.net
Johnson Linda MI Instructor johnsonl@buckeyehills.net
Lewis Kimberly Science Instructor lewiskj@buckeyehills.net
Massie Cassidy Vocational Sp. Ed. Coordinator massiec@buckeyehills.net
Perkins Autumn Mathematics Instructor smitha@buckeyehills.net
Poe Joy Medical Office Admin. Instructor poej@buckeyehills.net
Polcyn Dan English Instructor polcynd@buckeyehills.net
Polcyn Paul Science Instructor polcynp@buckeyehills.net
Potter Brandon Auto Service Instructor potterb@buckeyehills.net
Schoonover Robin Health Academy Instructor schoonoverr@buckeyehills.net
Simmering Randall Welding Instructor simmeringr@buckeyehills.net
Stump Rebecca Health Academy Instructor stumpr@buckeyehills.net
Taylor Jared ED Instructor taylorj@buckeyehills.net
Thompson Mack Vocational Sp. Ed. Coordinator thompsonm@buckeyehills.net
VanMeter Victor Social Studies Instructor vanmeterv@buckeyehills.net
Williamson Carrie Early Childhood Education Instructor williamsonc@buckeyehills.net
Woolman Evelyn English Instructor woolmane@buckeyehills.net

Student Services

Last Name First Name Title Email
Hunt Tracey Counselor huntt@buckeyehills.net
McCabe Ellen Career Advisor/Placement Coordinator mccabee@buckeyehills.net
Deputy Montgomery - Resource Officer rofficer@buckeyehills.net
Payne Rhonda Attendance Clerk payner@buckeyehills.net
Stump Karlita Student Services Secretary stumpk@buckeyehills.net

Support Staff

Last Name First Name Title Email
Allen Rita Teacher Aide~Media Center allenr@buckeyehills.net
Chambers Lindsay Teacher Aide chambersl@buckeyehills.net
Clary Cheryl Teacher Aide claryc@buckeyehills.net
Garrett Brooke EMIS Clerk garrettb@buckeyehills.net
Hammond Lisa Teacher Aide hammondl@buckeyehills.net
Jones Karen Secretary to Director/EMIS Coordinator jonesk@buckeyehills.net
Metzler Tiffany Teacher Aide metzlert@buckeyehills.net
Payne Rhonda Attendance Clerk payner@buckeyehills.net
Reese Christina Teacher Aide/Credit Recovery ReeseC@buckeyehills.net
Roberts Joanne Teacher Aide robertsj@buckeyehills.net
Stump Karlita Student Services Secretary stumpk@buckeyehills.net
Swisher Carla Switchboard Operator swisherc@buckeyehills.net
Trout Kari Teacher Aide troutk@buckeyehills.net