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About the Award-Winning Buckeye Hills Career Center

 Our Mission:  Creating Successful Lives
The Gallia-Jackson-Vinton Joint Career-Technical School District, Buckeye Hills Career Center, serves six participating school districts.  The districts are:  Gallia County Local Schools, Gallipolis City Schools, Jackson City Schools, Oak Hill Union Local Schools, Vinton County Local Schools and Wellston City Schools.

     Buckeye Hills Career Center offers a wide variety of career-technical programs. Through classroom instruction, laboratory experience, cooperative work experience and option programs, students are prepared with job entry skills or the necessary prerequisites for additional technical or academic training beyond high school.

     We encourage both male and female students to obtain training for nontraditional jobs.  Buckeye Hills Career Center is located on 351 Buckeye Hills Road northwest of Rio Grande, Ohio 45674.

    Students who wish to enroll in one of the high school career-technical programs at Buckeye Hills Career Center, must be in one of the seven participating high schools.  The seven participating schools are:  Gallia Academy, Jackson, Oak Hill, River Valley, South Gallia, Vinton County, and Wellston.

     Most students apply during their sophomore year and enter the beginning of their junior year. While the school does not set hard and fast entrance requirements, certain guidelines have been developed. Students who are interested in attending the Career Center should consult with their home school counselor. Students who have credit deficiencies can still apply and work toward elimination of these deficiencies while completing their career-technical program.

     Upon successful completion of the requirements at the home school and the Career Center, the student will receive a high school diploma and a career-technical skill certificate in a Career Passport.

    The application process begins in the late winter of the year prior to the student entering the Career Center.  All participating high schools and Buckeye Hills Student Services office have applications available.  An interested students should complete the form and return it to his or her counselor. All applications must have the parent/legal guardian and participating school counselors signatures.

     Parents and students are invited to visit and talk to instructors.  Our staff is willing to help in any way to answer questions and address concerns.  If you have questions concerning the application process or need more information about program offerings, please contact the Career Center at (740) 245-5334.

    The office of Student Services coordinates the activities between the seven participating schools in Gallia, Jackson and Vinton Counties and Buckeye Hills Career Center. Most of the coordination effort involves providing support services for the participating schools through their guidance offices. Students attending the Career Center will be able to take part in sports and other extracurricular activities offered at their home school. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in student organizations and career-technical youth club activities at Buckeye Hills.

     The Student Services office at Buckeye Hills Career Center also provides a complete program of guidance and counseling services for students, parents and staff.  These services, involving both guidance and special needs, are offered to assist students in better understanding their personal needs as well as their education, social, economical and career opportunities. The following services are provided on an individual basis:

  • Personal/Social Development Counseling
  • Identification of students with special needs
  • Records Service and Financial Aid Assistance
  • Testing and Interpretation Service
  • Post High School Career Planning for College/Technical School and Job Placement
  • Placement of Students in career-technical Programs
  • Community Resource Agency Referrals
  • Transcript Evaluation
  • Technical Preparations

    In order to assist the students in the participating schools to make plans or decisions about careers, an Orientation Program is offered by the Student Services at Buckeye Hills. The program consists of a Career Occupational Preference Survey, which helps students match their interests to careers, a video tape presentation at the participating school, visitation day at the Career Center campus and the Open House/Parent Day held at Buckeye Hills Career Center. The program is designed to provide students and parents with the quality information needed to make career-technical training choices.

    The Job Placement Service at Buckeye Hills Career Center is designed to assist students in the transition from school to the competitive work world.  Services provided by the Job Placement office are available at no-cost to both employers and students.

     The Placement Office works with business and industry to identify employment opportunities for students and to determine the employment and training needs of area businesses.

     The Placement Office keeps an up-to-date active file of graduates, pre-screens applicants for prospective employers and maintains data on qualified candidates.  Community service agencies are also used to aid in the placement of students.

     All students have the opportunity to participate in the Advanced and Early Placement programs.  Students who qualify will attend school for one-half day of every day and then report to a program related work site for the remainder of the day. The students’ wages will be determined by the employer.

     Employers who are interested in hiring Career Center graduates and students should contact the Placement Office at (740)  245-5334.

    Support Services at the Career Center offer intervention classes in Reading, Math, English, Writing, Citizenship, Science and Special Education to provide assistance for students in order for them to maximize their opportunity for successful career-technical programming.  Monitoring the students program of work and providing learning materials, as well as small group instruction are services offered through the Support Service Program.

     Materials to study for the SAT and ACT are available with the assistance of a counselor or teacher. College planning and college visitations are part of a students senior year.

     Career-technical youth organization activities are an integral part of each programs curriculum at the Career Center. Students have the opportunity to participate in youth activities at the local, state, and national level.

     Through the youth organizations students can develop and strengthen leadership skills and other characteristics which will assist them in society and the world of work.  Furthermore, the Student Senate, National Honor Society, National Career-Technical Honor Society and Buckeye Backers are organizations which foster good citizenship, high academics, and cooperative effort.

    One of the most vital areas of concern for today’s student is career choice.  In choosing a career it is important to know how the job market is today and how jobs will change in the future.

     Career-Technical education prepares students for 75% of the occupations that the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics predict will account for the largest number of new jobs during the next decade.

     Through career-technical education, students can obtain the skills they will need to do well in the complex job market. career-technical education not only provides “job skills,” but prepares students for the changing work world.  Workers with career-technical training perform more successfully on the job and earn more money than workers without training.

     Choosing a career can be difficult, but choosing career-technical education means employment, advancement to college and/or technical centers and job skills for a lifetime.

    The Career Passport provides employers with a viable means to asses the technical skills of career-technical education completers.  A career passport includes:

  • Cover letter, personal data sheet, summary of community service, educational goals, competency profile, high school diploma, high school transcript, license or certificate.
  • Validation of Performance
  • Thorough, Accurate Information
  • Verification of Employability
  • Increasing Accountability


Accreditation: The Gallia-Jackson-Vinton JVSD is approved and operates in cooperation with the Career-Technical and Adult Education Division of the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Board of Regents. In addition, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools has granted accreditation.

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